Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Doing the 'right' thing is a virtue most desirable. The difference between success and failure is often, not dictated by knowledge or expertise, but by its actual application and perseverance. When it comes to successful wealth creation for customers, it is something that we believe in & practice.

With this passion, we continue to evolve and make the right product accessions and service innovations in our offerings. To our customers, we offer a 360° comprehensive business platform with unmatched IT solutions, empowering us to set the best practice standards and in the process deliver real value to them . We strive that over the years, our passion will make us grow from strength to strength and expand rapidly, setting new benchmarks in the process. The strength of Sanyukta Advisory lies in the strong domain knowledge in investment consultancy and the delivery of sustainable value to clients with support from cutting-edge technology platform.

With our 360° Sanyukta platform, we have managed to successfully transform the business of many clients and business houses bringing them on equal footing or even better than the toughest competitors in the industry in the concerned domain. With a vast experience & strong delivery mechanism, we at Sanyukta Advisory, help & ensure transformation and the exploitation of the opportunities available.


Our goal is to be the one-stop personal finance platform for Indian consumers, bringing Personal Financial Planning, Credit, Insurance and Investment products under one roof. And most importantly, be able to maintain neutrality to help our customers make the best personal finance decisions. We have tied up with leading financial institutions and implemented their product offers, rules, criteria & processes to provide customers the best financial options every time.


To empower individuals and families to make informed, efficient and optimal financial decisions


To create a high octane organization that offers the best opportunities for professionals aspiring to create disruptive innovation in the world of credit and finance.


To build value for our investors with our ability to spot opportunities at the intersection of finance & technology and with our relentless execution.

Product & Services

  • Demat & Trading
  • Loans Corner
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
  • Fixed Desposits
  • Bonds
  • Real Estate
  • Credit Score
  • Group Ventures
Trading in Spices -Whole and Grinded

Trading in Spices -Whole and Grinded

  • We ensure premium quality merchandise.
  • We guarantee the most competitive prices.
  • We assure prompt delivery.


Spices are the face and identity of ancient India and the image of an abundant spice producer still enhances the name of the country. Sanyukta International adds a feather to the cap of the nation and stands as one of the best among spices dealers and exporter in India. We boost of a wide range of quality organic spices and whole spices which have made us a proud name around the world. Among organic spices exporter in India, we have carved out a niche for our self and have raised the bar for export of whole spice. With our state of the art technology and strife to use only the best raw materials, we have created benchmarks in the business of spices export, making our products hygienic and healthy.

We make sure that our products are not only produced with extreme care but are also packed to last. The packing of our whole spices and organic spices is done so that the contents do not get spoiled and in turn the shelf life of the products is increased. Apart from quality, the style of our packaging also ensures that the transportation of the packed product becomes easy and safe. We also boast of a wide range of packing capacities right from 5gms to 5, 20, 25 or 50kgs, apart from these packages, we understand the value of customization and are in a position to pack according to the needs of our clients.

Sanyukta International is a stalwart in the export market for Indian masalas. With our hygienic and modern practices we make sure that the ground spices that we export are made with the same care that would be practiced at a home. The expertise that goes in the making of these Indian masala is something that comes to us with ease because of our long history of having served people around the world. The processes of extraction, blending and mixing in the process of creating the unique flavors of the Indian masalas is something that our units are proud to announce. We ensure that our ground spices and blended spices are produced in hygienic and controlled environments in order to ensure only the best products to our buyers.

The range of our indian masalas are made according to certified quality standards and this is why we have been continually winning hearts around the world with a varied range of spices masala. The combinations and mixes that are produced by us are innovative in taste and have become a favorite for spices lovers all over the world. This trust that our clients have shown in our products makes us want to keep excelling in our quality, packing, service and delivery time and make our products more and more beneficial for use.

We are since long popular ground spices exporter in Mumbai, India delivering within and outside India. Make an enquiry now to know more detailed information.

Cosmetics – Mellow

Cosmetics – Mellow

MELLOW BRAND is well matured enough to pick up right herbs in the scientific way. It is composed of balanced natural ingredients. It gives you natural glow as it is gentler, more softner & tolerant to your skin. Mellow can reflect it's beauty in you provided you are the lover of nature.

mellow Shampoo1

mellow Shampoo 2

Fruits and Vegetables – Plutus

Fruits and Vegetables – Plutus

We are one of the foremost Fresh Vegetables Exporters from India. Our range of Fresh Vegetables encompasses Fresh Lady Finger, Fresh Cabbage, Fresh Capsicum, Fresh Green Bean, Fresh Onion, Fresh Ridge Gourd, Fresh Snake Gourd, Fresh Cluster Beans and Fresh Tomato.

We export Cavandish bananas, Custard Apples, Dates, Grapefruits, Figs, Custard apples, Apples, Apricots, Guavas, Mangoes, Papaya, Pears and much more! Have a look ...

Dhananjay Datar ( financial advisor)

Dhananjay Datar ( financial advisor)

Over last 19 years the journey has been through corporate finance to telecom projects and marketing and back to corporate finance. Amazing experience and insight brodened the skill set. Specially the stint in Africa for 7 years was most cherished one.
In this period, managed public capital raising, acquisition, demurgers, projects and being part of management team of companies.
Specialties: Management of large enterprise in diversified and across business environment and geography.


Strategic Business Management
Responsible for business development and growth, cost alignment and profit maximization along with the top management team
Develop implement and manage business processes, ensure efficient deployment of financial resources and enhance cost control and reduction.
Project management
Successfully implemented projects in Southern, East & Central African nations.
Orchestrated Project related work; planned and successfully implemented under clear mandate and understanding of requirements.
Drove Project planning and implementation, financial control over project expenditure, purchase negotiations, infrastructure set up, and aligned policies to match country requirement in terms of legal, operational & political frame work.
Managed core project management functions including tendering, project structuring, negotiations with clients & suppliers and interacting with Top Management Levels.
Financial Management
Successfully headed finance function of the organization; spearheaded the process of USD 35 million GDR issue now listed on DIFX, UAE.
Actively involved in determining financial objectives, designing & implementing systems, policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial control
Handle Project Finance; financing large industrial projects in India with leading FIs
Capital Market; raising funds through equity issue and listing of new shares, active participation in pre issue liasioning with agencies, Press etc.
Working capital management with Consortium of banks, Placement of debentures with Funds and issuance of CP.
Financial Accounting; designing accounting system, MIS &finalisation of accounts.
Define & finalize annual Budgets and achieve targets through monitoring and control.
Spokes person for the organization; interact with media (Print and TV), meet mutual funds, FII, HNI’s and research analysts to communicate about the sector and industry.



Ankesh Toshniwal is a digital marketing wiz kid and successfully running business of his own . He is a MBA from Delhi and Graduate from Pune University. He is a brain child behind many successful digital marketing campaigns

Deepak Harilal Yadav

Deepak Harilal Yadav

Mr. Deepak Harilal Yadav , is a seasoned finance professional with expertise in “ Treasury , Financial Controlling, Accounting, Taxation, Fund Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, MIS, Budgeting and costing” through his  experience and Domain Knowledge.

  • Qualified Post Graduate MBA with a specialization in Finance from IIM.
  • Post graduate Diploma in Finance from IMT Ghaziabad
  • Acquired expertise/skills in:Corporate debt and Fund Raising
  • Banking relationships
  • Accounting /MIS/Financial Models
  • Variance Analysis
  • Treasury
  • Costing and Budgeting & controlling functions
  • Mergers and acquisitions , JV agreements
  • Equity, Mutual Fund and Insurance
  • Tariffs and other cost recovery model concepts
  • Fund management expertise
  • Pensions Business
  • Team Building & Channel Development
  • Treasury Activity

Strategic Planning

Over 17 years of work experience with companies like ICICI Bank, Birla Sunlife , Darashaw, Dsp Merrill lynch and others .

K. G. Toshniwal

K. G. Toshniwal

K.G. Toshniwal has over three decades of work experience in various blue chip organizations in India . He  is currently the President at the ABG Group and looks after Finance & Accounts for Vadraj Cement Ltd and ABG Energy (Gujarat) Limited. He is responsible to manage M&A,Finance  and  Risk  management. Mr. Toshniwal is also responsible for Business Development (backward & forward) and is currently active in various Greenfield cement & energy projects of the group.

As President he oversaw the Finance, Government Liasoning, Project Commercials, Financing Tie-ups, Long term Linkages for fuels and various key raw materials. He has also played a key leading role in various financing  and tax structuring activities  of the company.Toshniwal has played a key role in ABG’s foray into cement &energy sector.

Overhis 34-yearscareerwithvarious companies, Toshniwal has held various positions in Finance, Marketing and also as Head of the Unit. His key skill is to improve the productivity and thereby improve PAT as also managing of funds. He serves on the board of various subsidiaries of ABG Group.